1006 Luke Street.
Fort Collins, CO 80524

A Woman’s Healing Center

FAQ: Yes, we’re the Fort Collins OB-GYN practice MTV featured on its “16 & Pregnant” series.

Why’d they choose us?

Because they wanted doctors whose straight talk and empathy are genuine. The time and attention we gave that needy 16-year-old girl is what we strive to give every patient, regardless of lifestyle.

It’s just how we run our practice as caring women. And it drives the big corporate guys nuts. They’d like us to go away. Why? Because we provide women a choice in OB-GYN care.

And we practice outstanding medicine: More surgical nurses see us for their OB-GYN needs than anyone else. Nurses know firsthand who’s the best.

We invite you to make the switch to A Woman’s Healing Center. We accept patients from Denver to Fort Collins, Wyoming to Nebraska.


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