Spring Transformation Aesthetics Party

aesthetics party

Join us for an exclusive Aesthetics Party!
Wednesday, June 14th
4:00-6:00 PM
Complimentary Food & Libations + Super Discounts for Attendees Only
Call 970-419-1111 opt. 1 to RSVP
15% off Skinbetter pharmaceutical-grade products
SkinBetter products offer dramatic results without the use of needles to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  With lines that help to regenerate, lift, and smooth, SkinBetter products transport skin improving ingredients faster and deeper to where...

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You Had a Baby. Why Don’t You Feel Instantly Bonded?

Bonding With Your Baby - A Woman's Healing Center

Research studies have shown that close to 20% of all new moms and dads feel little or no emotional attachment to their newborn child in the hours following birth. Sometimes, it can take a parent weeks or months of bonding with their newborn, in order to develop the anticipated feelings of love and attachment.
Bonding With your Baby: Common Questions
Having delivered more than 10,000 babies, Christine Skorberg, M.D., attributes this sense of distance to certain physiological and psycholog...

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5 Healthful Diet Tips for Pregnant Women

Healthful Diets for Pregnant Women - A Woman's Healing Center

Making sure you’re eating a healthful diet and getting sufficient nutrition is very important during pregnancy. The foods you consume daily are needed by your baby to develop and grow. During your pregnancy, you will need to eat more in order to maintain good health for yourself and your baby. On average, about 300 additional calories per day should be consumed.
Our Tips For a Healthful Diet During Pregnancy
Tip #1 - Experiencing nausea? Add these easily digestible foods to your next m...

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Common Pregnancy Symptoms and How to Feel More Comfortable

Common Pregnancy Symptoms - A Woman's Healing Center

In addition to weight gain and changes in your body shape, pregnancy brings about several physical changes. For example, your body temperature slightly increases, ligaments and joints will become more flexible, bodily secretions will increase, and your hormonal balance will fluctuate. All of these changes are common pregnancy symptoms, but they can bring about some uncomfortable or unpleasant side effects.

Common Pregnancy Symptoms
Here are a few common pregnancy symptoms and simple ways y...

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Accuracy of Ultrasound in Determining Birth Weights

Margin of Error on Ulstrasounds - A Woman's Healing Center

Having an ultrasound to estimate the size and weight of your baby is one of the most important moments of prenatal care. Determining birth weight and fetal size helps your OB-GYN to detect any abnormalities with the placenta or if a risk is developing for gestational diabetes. Performed by a medical technician in your doctor’s office or at a hospital, an ultrasound is painless, does not pose any risk to your or your baby, and takes less than an hour from start to finish.

Common questions ...

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Some Notes on Sunlight and Women’s Health

Women's Skin Health - A Woman's Healing Center

About two years ago in the British Medical Journal, Bristol University researchers argued that the benefits from sunbathing might outweigh the risk of skin cancer. They were immediately accused of undermining years of public health campaigns that warned people to be wary of the dangers of the sun.

But one of the doctors behind the article then clarified that although people should avoid excessive exposure to the sun, it should not be ignored that sunlight might help with vitamin D-related pro...

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Early Signs of Pregnancy

Early Signs of Pregnancy

Are you wondering if you could you be pregnant? The early signs of pregnancy may begin to appear right around the time you've missed your period. Close to 60 percent of all women experience early pregnancy symptoms within six weeks of conception, and almost 90 percent experience them within eight weeks. Please note, the early signs of pregnancy are often very similar to symptoms you may experience before or during menstruation. If you have been trying to conceive or believe you could be pregnant...

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Probiotics for Vaginal Health

Chances are, you’ve seen or read, news reports on television, magazine or social media about the benefits of probiotics. While it certainly a good idea to be skeptical about claims promising “miraculous” results, there is a growing body of scientific evidence that certain illnesses and health conditions can be treated and even prevented by regularly consuming foods or supplements containing certain strains of live bacteria - also referred to as probiotics.
About Probiotic Therapy

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How to Stay Healthy When Trying to Get Pregnant

Tips to Stay Healthy When Trying to Get Pregnant - A Woman's Healing Center

When you’re trying to get pregnant, it’s important that you follow healthy dietary and lifestyle habits. By giving thoughtful attention to what you’re eating, making sure you’re getting sufficient rest, and limiting stress during the time in which you’re trying to conceive, you’ll be ensuring that your baby starts life in the best possible environment. Here are a five tips and suggestions for staying healthy during those important weeks and months, before getting pregnant:

5 "St...

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Fort Collins Breastfeeding Resources for Moms

Fort Collins Breastfeeding Resources - A Woman's Healing Center

Whether you're currently pregnant and interested in learning about how to breastfeed or have already started to breastfeed but have questions in need of answering, the following breastfeeding resources in the Fort Collins area can help you connect to reliable sources of information and support.

Scroll down to learn more about available breastfeeding resources in and around Fort Collins, Colorado.

Fort Collins Area Breastfeeding Resources
Breastfeeding Resources: Fort Collins L...

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