Our Story

A Woman’s Healing Center was founded in 2000 by Dr. Christine Skorberg.

Unlike many large, corporate practices run by a separate board of directors, Dr. Skorberg had a vision for an intimate OB-GYN clinic led by a team of doctors who had direct daily contact with patients.  As Northern Colorado’s leading expert in prolapse surgery, vaginal hysterectomy, high-risk and routine obstetric care, Dr. Skorberg established A Woman’s Healing Center as a practice where women could get the best of both worlds: individualized attention and expert-level care.

The Beginning

One night in 1990, as chief resident at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, Dr. Skorberg delivered, or oversaw the delivery, of 22 babies in 12 hours. The delivery room was always so busy it was called the “labor line,” and OB-GYN residents worked 100-plus hours a week.

Amid the pressure and chaos, it was here that Dr. Skorberg confirmed that healing women of all ages, races, and persuasions was her life’s calling. Why? For the simple reason that it made her happy.

More than 10,000 babies later, helping women still drives Dr. Skorberg, the more so because she’s teamed with Dr. Amy Grove. Yet for anyone who’s watched medicine corporatize itself over the years, the fact that A Woman’s Healing Center remains a thriving, all-woman, independent practice would seem nearly impossible.

Founding a Female-Only Practice

After residency, Dr. Skorberg accepted a position at an established multi-partner practice in Lake Forest, Illinois. As the newest doctor—and only woman—she soon found herself doing nearly 40 percent of the work. Coming as she does from an entrepreneurial family, she decided to open her own solo practice in Fort Collins in 2000. She waited three days for her first patient.

Needless to say, Dr. Skorberg lavished a lot of attention on that first woman—who told her friends, who told their friends. And that established the ideal which has grown A Woman’s Healing Center’s client base to many thousands:

Provide patients and family with personalized attention, emotional reassurance, and straight talk, while adhering to the highest professional standards as set by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

dr skorberg and dr groveFrom the outset, Dr. Skorberg’s goal was to add doctors who shared these small-practice values. First and foremost is Amy Grove, M.D., FACOG, who joined the practice in 2012.

The Addition of Aesthetics Services

As they’ve aged, a number of Dr. Skorberg’s patients urged her to add aesthetics to the practice. Because she’d delivered their babies and treated them gynecologically, they trusted her surgical skills and medical knowledge (especially compared with the average esthetician). So, starting in 2009, Dr. Skorberg has offered a growing number of in-office aesthetic procedures, including MixTo laser skin resurfacing, Vivace, V-Lase, injectables, and more.

A Truly Independent Practice

Beyond the practice itself, it’s noteworthy that both Dr. Grove and Dr. Skorberg serve on the board of the Northern Colorado Independent Physicians Association, where Dr. Skorberg has served in the role of president since 2015.  As the name implies, the organization consists of doctors who run their own practices. Like all successful small business owners, independent physicians simply have to care more—in the several implications of that phrase—in order to maintain the health and survival of their practices.

A Woman’s Healing Center remains fiercely independent because our doctors don’t want corporate CEOs dictating how they should practice medicine, which too often means profit before patients. Secondly, our doctors won’t allow themselves to become hospital shift workers, in which case patients may never know who they’re going to see. And third, A Woman’s Healing Center exists to offer women in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado more choices in their medical care.

And so A Woman’s Healing Center advances into the future like the little engine that could. Never before have women felt so empowered, never before have they so exerted their independence and rights. Our doctors will continue to be there with them. Small, yes, but mighty in empathy and understanding.