Patient Birth Story

One of our recent patients had a photographer at her birth and was so kind to share the photos and birth story video with us.  We love babies at A Woman’s Healing Center and feel so honored to be part of such a wonderful part of our patients lives.  It’s truly magical to watch families grow!

She said that we could share the photos and video with you.  Here are a few that show the birth center at Poudre Valley Hospital where our doctors have privileges and our mothers-to-be all give birth.

Here’s a photo of Dr. Worford and Jenn, a labor and delivery nurse, with the happy family after baby was born, when he was getting some skin-to-skin cuddle time with his mama.

If you would like to see more of what the birth experience is like with A Woman’s Healing Center’s doctors, you can watch baby Richaan’s birth story below.  What a wonderful day it was.

All photos and video shared with permission on the mother.  Photos and video by Monica Rivera Photography.

Do you have birth photos or a birth story you’d like to share with us and our community? Please leave us a comment and we’ll get in touch!  We love to have the chance to share your joy and join you in celebrating your sweet new family member.