Reveal the True You!

Everyone experiences changes in their skin, whether it’s from hormones, sun damage, menopause, pregnancy, or the normal process of aging. As much as we might like to deny that we’re getting older, sometimes our skin doesn’t seem like it’s in on the 29 forever plan.

Everywhere you look, it seems there are aesthetics treatments to solve any problem you can think of from acne to wrinkles – we offer quite a few skin treatments proven to get results.  But when you aren’t happy when you look in the mirror, how do you know which treatments are right for you?

Make Skin Care Decisions Easier

New technologies allow for skin analysis that goes beyond the traditional assessments of looking in a mirror. Instead of deciding for yourself that you have oily skin or redness, and taking a trial and error approach to skincare, there are now imaging systems to scan your face for exact problems and recommend treatments and procedures that will actually work. These doctor and aesthetician developed technologies provide you with the information in a way that’s easy to understand, and not just a lot of medical mumbo-jumbo.

It sounds pretty great, right? Well, we’d like to introduce to you: the Reveal Imager!

The Reveal Imager

A Woman’s Healing Center’s aesthetics team is excited to unveil a new addition to our list of aesthetics offerings. The Reveal Imager provides quick and painless skin analysis for personalized treatment options, which means no more wasting money on treatments that just aren’t working for you.

How Does it Work?

The Reveal Imager quickly and easily scans your face and provides our doctors with information so that you get the treatment that’s right for you. Each appointment is 15 minutes, and it’s FREE!

You simply rest your chin on the machine, and it runs a thorough skin analysis. Our high-tech system scans your skin for damage and imperfections that are making you look older than you feel, maybe even holding you back. You’ll see on-screen images and receive computer print-outs of your skin’s issues so we can create aesthetic solutions specific to your needs, desires, and budget.

What Kind of Skin Analysis Can I See?

The Reveal Imager provides clear pictures for you and your doctor to understand what’s going on with your skin. There are several different options for viewing your photos, like:

Zoom Photos

The Reveal Imager allows our doctors to magnify specific areas of your skin. This will let us take a look at characteristics that may point us to damages and treatments.

3D Images

This viewing option shows the skin’s surface in three dimensions from any angle. It lets us see these surfaces in the natural skin tone, color relief, or grayscale for thorough analysis.

The Loupe Tool

The loupe tool can be used to select a targeted area of the skin. It can also zoom within, expand, or shrink the loupe to get a clear understanding of specific areas of the skin.

RBX Technology

The RBX technology can be used to look at deeper levels of the skin. It will show us the subsurface melanin and any vascular conditions that you may be experiencing.

Aging Simulations

The Reveal also provides aging simulations. These simulations show the process of aging, and how it could affect your skin over the next 5-7 years. You can choose to view the progression of wrinkles, spots, or both.

Why Should I Try the Reveal Imager?

  • Testing out your own treatments and products at home can do more harm than good for your skin if you don’t know what your skin needs
  • The Reveal Imager can help you learn about your skin in a safe and simple manner
  • Because you’ll know just what your skin needs, you won’t have to waste money buying serums and treatments that aren’t right for you
  • The Reveal provides you with easy to understand results and recommended treatment options so that you can consider what’s right for you
  • Your photos can be printed out in a report or uploaded to a secure web portal for your viewing

Reveal the True You!

The Reveal Imager can show you exactly what’s standing in the way of the skin you want. The imager is used by our trained staff, who know exactly what to look for from this skin analysis. We’ll be happy to discuss the results and treatment options with you to get you looking your best- but don’t take our word for it, contact us to make an appointment today!