Labor and Delivery

Combined, A Woman’s Healing Center doctors have delivered more than 16,000 babies.  We pride ourselves on individualized, personalized care and our goals are always the health of the baby, the comfort and care of the mother, and the involvement of the father and family – from grandparents to siblings and everyone in-between.

Trusted Relationships With Experienced OB-GYNs

Because our practice is independently owned and operated, we’re able to develop quality relationships with our patients and devote the time and resources needed to deliver the best prenatal medical care and ensure a positive labor and birth experience.  Our female doctors are all board certified obstetricians – we are capable of supporting you through your pregnancy and birth whether it is blissfully uncomplicated or if you or your baby would benefit from additional support and intervention.

At A Woman’s Healing Center, our number one goal is to provide comprehensive obstetric care, individualized to each patient’s unique situation and needs. We operate and deliver only at the Birthing Center at Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins.  The hospital offers high-risk obstetric care, as its Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is one of the best in the nation and the only one between Denver and Billings, Montana.

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What patients are saying

The doctors at A Woman’s Healing Center saw me through two pregnancies and delivered both of my kids! My experiences were both so different and wonderful, (as all babies are) and I felt equally cared for and safe during both deliveries! Since having my daughter in 2016, I have moved to a different city and I can’t seem to find anyone I like as well as the doctors at A Woman’s Healing Center, I suppose I might just drive up to Fort Collins whenever I need an OBGYN appointment! An additional HUGE plus for me was all the help I got with breastfeeding from Dr.Grove as well! I was able to breastfeed both my kids to about 11.5 months and you guys supported me all the way! Thanks A Woman’s Healing Center! I miss you soooooo much!

- Faith

Couldn't ask for a better group of drs to care for me during my wild pregnancy journey, and even after labor and delivery, with my postpartum hypertension. Each doctor has been wonderful, and I don't think I could have made it through my 21+ hours of unintentionally natural labor without their support and guidance. I found out I was pregnant super early on and decided to come to A Woman's Healing Center for the duration of my pregnancy. It was definitely the perfect fit for me! At 30 weeks I developed some lovely preeclampsia symptoms and began weekly monitorings with Dr Grove and Dr Worford. By the end of those weekly and biweekly visited I grew to love the office staff and felt like we were all a big family! Induction day came at 37 weeks and after 31 hours, from the time the cervidil was administered to the pitocin, the epidural and everything in between Dr Grove was by my side making sure I was as comfy and prepared as can be. Unfortunately when my daughter was born Dr. Grove's on call rotation was over but lucky for me I was then placed in Dr Skorberg's care and she helped to quickly deliver my beautiful baby girl at 4:50 in the morning of December 16th 2016. After delivery I was hospital ridden for 3 days due to my out of control blood pressure but Dr Grove was back by my side doing everything possible to get me out of my room and back with my daughter. I'm forever grateful for all the hard work and compassion shown by the doctors at A Woman's Healing Center and I hope to be back for my next pregnancy!!

- Jill

I love all the doctors here. Each is caring and knowledgeable. Dr. Skorberg delivered my second baby and made the experience wonderful. Definitely recommend them to anyone.

- Katherine

Frequently asked questions

What amenities are available at the hospital?

Poudre Valley Hospital offers the following amenities to expectant mothers and their families:

  • Baby Bistro: A specialty meal for you and your support person
  • Comfortable, home-like private suite
  • Jacuzzi tub available upon request
  • Kitchen with a microwave and refrigerator for your support person
  • Private bathroom with shower
  • Room service: breakfast, lunch and dinner options are available.
  • Sleeper bench/couch
  • TV and wi-fi access

What do I do if I think I'm in labor?

If you think you are in labor, call our main number: 970-419-1111, Option 2. During office hours, you will speak to one of our nurses, who will answer any questions that you might have and direct you to the clinic or the hospital, if appropriate. After hours, our answering service will answer, ask you a few basic questions, and then page the on-call doctor, who will return your call.

If the doctor recommends that you go to the hospital to be assessed, she will call the hospital to let them know to expect you. You will then go to Poudre Valley Hospital’s Birthing Center.

How soon will I see my doctor after arriving at the hospital?

When you first arrive at the hospital, a labor and delivery nurse will do an initial assessment of you and your baby. The nurse will then contact our on-call doctor. If the decision is made to admit you to the hospital, you will be seen by the doctor in a timely fashion, depending on the circumstances.

Will my primary doctor deliver my baby?

Our doctors share the on-call schedule, so your delivering doctor may not be your primary doctor.

Your baby’s birth will be attended by A Woman’s Healing Center OB-GYN who is also familiar with your medical history and personal preferences for the birth of your child.  As a small, independent practice we pride ourselves on providing personalized care to  every patient, and will ensure that you feel comfortable with your each of our all-female doctors.

Who can be in the room with me?

At A Woman’s Healing Center we recognize what an important moment the birth of a new baby is for everyone in the family, not just mom and dad!

For a normal vaginal delivery, you’re welcome to choose the support people that you most want to have present at your birth.  This might include your partner, your other children, Grandparents, friends, or a doula.  We are here to support you and your loved ones in this wonderful life event.

In the case of a planned cesarean delivery, please speak to your doctor to see how many people can be in the delivery room. Typically your partner will be able to be in the room during a cesarean section; in some cases there may also be space for an additional support person.

Can I have a doula?

Yes, we are happy to work with mothers who choose to have a doula at their birth.  Doulas can provide a wonderful support system for both mothers and their partners.  If you plan to hire a doula, please discuss it with us during a prenatal visit around 36 weeks so we can plan accordingly.

Can I have a birth photographer?

Yes, you are welcome to have a birth photographer present for normal, uncomplicated deliveries.  We have had several patients in the past who had photographers document their baby’s birth; you can see one example here.  If you’re planning to have a photographer at your birth, please let us know during a prenatal appointment.

For planned cesarean or other more complicated births, please speak to your doctor to see what options are available for capturing photos of your new baby.

Do you support natural births?

For mothers who would like to give birth naturally, without the support of pain relief medications, there are a variety of alternative comfort measures available at the hospital, including a jacuzzi tub, birth balls, and showers in every birthing room.

We are happy to support women in having the labor experience that they desire as is medically indicated.  This means that for low-risk women in spontaneous labor, we take a low-interventional approach to the management of labor, as recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

If you want more information about our approach to normal vaginal deliveries, please schedule an appointment (new patients) or ask your doctor at your next prenatal care appointment.

What pain medications are available to me?

Poudre Valley Hospital, where our patients deliver, offers a variety of pain management options to women in labor, including epiruals, IV pain medications, and nitrous oxide gas.

If you would like to learn more about pain management options in labor and delivery, please review this ACOG patient fact sheet.