mixTo laser skin resurfacing

MiXto Micro-ablation Laser Skin Resurfacing

The MiXto SX is a cutting-edge laser skin treatment that decreases sun damage, wrinkles, crepey skin, acne scars and tightens the skin, all with a more acceptable amount of downtime.

Dr. Skorberg is one of the first board-certified doctors in northern Colorado to offer this advanced micro-fractional CO2 laser treatment from Italy.  Because Dr. Skorberg is a surgeon, her in-office MixTo treatment is medical-grade, as opposed to what’s possible at the average spa. That means more dramatic, longer-lasting results after a single treatment. To look ten years younger faster, trust your face to a doctor.

Why MiXto?

Skip surgery. Recover quickly. Get better results.  A single treatment can offer more improvement than older technology, such as six treatments of the Fraxel or Affirm, and at less overall cost and downtime.

Learn more about the benefits of MiXto laser skin resurfacing from Dr. Christine Skorberg:

Drive a Little. Save a Lot!

At A Woman’s Healing Center, we have patients driving up from Denver for our aesthetics services.  It’s not surprising given Dr. Skorberg’s expertise and the great results she is able to achieve.  Many patients tell us they are able to get the same or better high-quality treatments from an experienced surgeon, but at a lower price than many Denver aestheticians charge.

Whether you live in Denver or Fort Collins, call us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Skorberg today.  She’ll help you reduce the signs of aging and love the skin you’re in.

What patients are saying

I went to Dr. Skorberg for Micro Mixto laser. So happy with the results! I love Dr. Skorberg and all her nurses. They are all so down to earth and knowledgeable. Thanks for such a great experience! I definitely recommend this office!

- Stephanie

Before MiXto treatment


After MiXto treatment


Before MiXto treatment


After MiXto treatment


Frequently asked questions

What areas can be treated with the MiXto SX laser?

Common areas treated by the MiXto SX laser include full face, around the eyes to tighten excess skin, around the mouth to smooth wrinkles, neck, chest, and hands. Additionally, the MiXto SX is one of the most effective treatments for acne scars and scars on other parts of the body, including stretch marks.

How painful is the MiXto SX laser procedure?

This treatment can safely be performed in the office, with most people electing only for oral sedation and topical numbing. Post-procedure skin care is required and will be reviewed at the time of initial consultation and before leaving after the treatment. Patients usually feel sensations similar to having a sunburn, with a gradual lessening of sensation as the skin fully heals over the following several days.

What benefits can I expect following treatment with the MiXto SX laser?

The MiXto SX works by delivering tiny beams of light energy to the mid-level of the skin causing:

  • Immediate shrinkage of the skin to improve elasticity and firmness
  • Softening of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Removal of age and sun spots
  • Improvement of skin texture and sun damaged skin
  • New collagen production during the following six months

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes.  Our office participates in CareCredit, which helps you to break up out of pocket medical expenses into manageable chunks.  Ask about CareCredit at your next appointment or visit the CareCredit website.