Dr Skorberg prenatal care

Prenatal Care

Whether you’re pregnant with your first child or have had many years of experience with childbearing, being pregnant is a very special time, and all of us at A Woman’s Healing Center want to make it a positive experience for you and your family.

At A Woman’s Healing Center, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive obstetric care, individualized to each patient’s unique situation and needs. Our obstetric services consist of preconception visits, prenatal, delivery, and postpartum care.  We love babies at AWHC and are excited to be part of your journey as you grow your family.

Prenatal Care Schedule

Prenatal care begins in the early first trimester. Prenatal visits allow us to closely monitor your health and your baby’s progress. These regular checkups are also your chance to learn how to manage the discomforts of pregnancy, have any testing you may need, and ask any questions you may have.

Listed below are the recommended visits during your pregnancy. We welcome and encourage your partner to attend visits with you, and are just as happy to have siblings and grandparents come as well.  There’s nothing more exciting than watching a room full of family members hear baby’s heartbeat for the first time!

6 – 10 weeks

Pregnancy confirmation appointment which may include:

  • Pregnancy test and dating ultrasound
  • Review of your health and family history
  • Pelvic exam with pap smear and STI testing
  • Discussion of genetic testing options
  • Review of pregnancy care in our office

12 weeks

The initial OB appointment. This visit will consist of a prenatal lab panel and a complete physical exam by the physician. Optional first trimester screen ultrasound and labs drawn. Please allow 30 minutes for this visit.

16 weeks

Optional quad screen or AFP drawn.  The quad screen — also known as the quadruple marker test, is used to evaluate whether your pregnancy has an increased chance of being affected with certain chromosomal conditions, such as Down syndrome. The alpha-fetoprotein part of the test can help evaluate the chance for neural tube defects, such as spina bifida. (15-min. appointment with doctor or nurse).

20 weeks

By 20 weeks, you will have a fetal anatomy screening ultrasound, which takes approximately 60 min. to complete.  This thorough ultrasound scan will look at your baby’s bones, brain, heart and other organs, and umbilical cord.  If you want to find out the sex of your baby, this is when we can tell you – but don’t worry, we’re good at keeping secrets if you want to be surprised!

24 weeks

Routine OB visit with a doctor.  Routine prenatal care visits include a weight check, urinalysis, blood pressure, fundal height measurement, and listening to fetal heart tones.  These visits typically last about 15 minutes with the doctor and will give you the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have with your pregnancy.

24-28 weeks

One-hour glucose test plus visit with a doctor. For women who are Rh-factor negative, additional tests are drawn and Rhogam is administered.

30-36 weeks

Between 30 and 36 weeks of pregnancy, you will have 15-min. routine appointments with the doctor every two weeks.

37 weeks – delivery

Between 37 weeks of pregnancy until you give birth, you will have 15-min. routine appointments with the doctor once every week.


Our patients deliver at the Birthing Center at Poudre Valley Hospital. This birth center welcomes thousands of newborns into the world every year and is continually recognized for its high-quality pregnancy services.  

All three physicians at A Woman’s Healing Center are highly experienced at delivering babies. The on-call physician will attend your delivery (although sometimes we can make arrangements for a specific doctor to deliver your baby.) We encourage our patients to meet every doctor and schedule at least one prenatal visit with each doctor; however, you may choose one primary physician to see throughout your pregnancy if you desire.

To learn more about our labor and delivery care, click here.

Postpartum Care

Approximately 4 to 6 weeks after delivery, you will have a postpartum visit with one of our doctors to make sure that your body has recovered from pregnancy and birth and that you are not having any problems. If you have a cesarean birth, your doctor will want to see you sooner to evaluate the incision. This is also a time for you to bring up any questions you may have about the healing process, birth control, sexual activity, and emotional concerns, although you are welcome to call us anytime sooner or afterwards if you have concerns or need additional support.

Frequently asked questions

Why is prenatal care important?

Prenatal care is a key component of a healthy pregnancy.

Regular prenatal care helps to identify and treat complications and can help to guide you in having a healthy lifestyle for the duration of your pregnancy (and beyond). Research shows that babies born to mothers who do not receive prenatal care are 3 times more likely to be of low birth weight, and 5 times more likely to die, compared with babies born to mothers who receive prenatal care. [US Department of Health and Human Services: prenatal care fact sheet]

In addition to medical care, prenatal care includes counseling and education.  This is a time for mothers to establish a relationship with us and for us to get to know you prior to the birth of your baby.

What makes AWHC different?

In the United States we have a standard of care for obstetrics and you will be safe wherever you go, but we like to think that we offer more personal service for obstetrics than other local practices.  We have a small team of doctors – all women, several of who have been pregnant and given birth to their own children – and an office staff who really enjoys getting to know not just you, but your entire family.  We share your joy and love to get the whole family involved, from mom and dad to siblings and grandparents.

The doctors at A Woman’s Healing Center are expert surgeons who are capable of handling very complicated obstetrics cases – from multiples to high risk pregnancies – but are also just as happy to support routine, uncomplicated pregnancies.

Are you able to care for multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets)?

Yes!  Our doctors are all experienced in caring for pregnancies with multiples.  We regularly care for women expecting twins in our practice – sometimes having as many expectant twin mothers in our care at the same time – and also have delivered multiple sets of triplets.

We understand the unique experience it is to carry and give birth to multiples and will work with you to ensure that you have the healthiest possible pregnancy for your situation.

What tests are done during pregnancy?

We follow all American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) guidelines for prenatal care and testing.  While some tests are routine and recommended for all expectant women, others are only indicated for certain women depending upon their age and health history.  To learn more about ACOG recommendations for prenatal testing, click here.

Do you offer childbirth education classes?

Yes.  Childbirth education classes are held monthly in our office.  You can learn more about childbirth education here.

Was that Dr. Skorberg on MTV's show, "16 and Pregnant"?

You may have thought you saw Dr. Skorberg on MTV’s show, 16 and Pregnant, and you were right!  Our doctors are so trusted, we were featured on season 2 of 16 and Pregnant, including a segment that featured Dr. Skorberg delivering Megan’s baby.

Dr. Skorberg took pride in providing quality obstetrics care to Megan at this important time in her life.  Below are some clips from the show that include Dr. Skorberg; you can watch the full episode on MTV.