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Gynecological Surgery

The physicians at A Woman’s Healing Center specialize in the diagnosis and management of gynecologic conditions affecting women of all ages.

A Woman’s Healing Center’s OB-Gyns perform all surgeries at the Surgery Center of Fort Collins, which provides a top-level surgical experience while saving patients money – average facility fees at the Surgery Center are 2/3 less than those at local hospitals!


Hysterectomy is the medical term for the surgical removal of the uterus. Our board-certified surgeons have expertise in performing the following procedures:

  • Vaginal hysterectomy
  • Abdominal hysterectomy
  • Laparoscopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy

Hysterectomy is a common gynecologic surgical procedure and may be recommended for the following reasons: uterine fibroids, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, heavy or abnormal uterine bleeding, severe pelvic infections, and premalignant and malignant (cancerous) conditions of the uterus.

Our OB-GYNs are recognized experts in vaginal hysterectomy, which is the procedure recommended by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists over any other type of hysterectomy procedure, including robotic.

There are two types of hysterectomy: total (the entire uterus and cervix are removed); and subtotal or supracervical (the uterus is removed, leaving the cervix intact). Your physician at A Woman’s Healing Center can discuss which of these is best for you, and which surgical approach is recommended.

We believe that robotic surgery shouldn’t be the first or even second choice for most women who need a hysterectomy, and the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology shares our opinion. Instead, ACOG says vaginal hysterectomy is the preferred procedure because it is less costly, less invasive, and has lower rates of complications with a faster recovery time.

Dr. Skorberg and Dr. Worford perform the most vaginal hysterectomies in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado and are the two best-qualified surgeons in the region for this procedure.


Myomectomy, or the surgical removal of uterine fibroids (leiomyomas), is a common treatment for women who have fibroids that are causing symptoms and who have not completed childbearing, or who wish to avoid having a hysterectomy.

There are two surgical techniques our physicians employ to remove fibroids:

  • Abdominal myomectomy: The fibroids are removed through an incision in the abdomen.
  • Hysteroscopic myomectomy: The fibroids are removed using a hysteroscope inserted through the cervix.

After considering the size, number, and location of your fibroids, your OB-GYN at A Woman’s Healing Center can discuss with you the recommended surgical approach.


Laparoscopic gynecological surgery is a minimally invasive approach that allows the surgeon to operate without making large incisions. A thin, lighted telescope, known as a laparoscope, is inserted into the abdomen through a small incision. The camera sends images of the inside of the body to a TV monitor in the operating room, allowing the surgeon to see and operate on the pelvic organs.

Other small incisions may be made in the abdomen to insert very fine, specialized surgical instruments.

Benefits of laparoscopic gynecologic surgery can include less pain compared to open abdominal surgery, fewer complications, less scarring, shorter hospital stays, and faster recovery. Many patients go home the same day or the next morning.

Laparoscopic surgery can be used to treat a variety of gynecologic conditions including endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cysts, ectopic pregnancy, sterilization, pelvic problems such as urinary incontinence, and pelvic support problems such as uterine prolapse. It can also be used for a variety of procedures, including a laparoscopic hysterectomy and a laparoscopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy.


Frequently asked questions

What information do I need for scheduling surgery?

If you have consulted with one of our physicians and need to schedule surgery, please call our office at 970-419-1111, extension 1. Your call will be returned within 48 hours.

Once you are scheduled for surgery at either Poudre Valley Hospital (970-495-7000) or the Surgery Center (970-494-4800), please contact them directly for questions you may have about parking, location, and time you will need to arrive.

What kinds of gynecologic surgery does your office perform?

The physicians at A Woman’s Healing Center specialize in the following gold-standard gynecologic surgical procedures:

  • Hysterectomy: Including vaginal hysterectomy, abdominal hysterectomy, and laparoscopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy
  • Myomectomy: Including abdominal myomectomy and Hysteroscopic myomectomy
  • Laparoscopy: For treating endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cysts, ectopic pregnancy, sterilization, urinary incontinence, and uterine prolapse