laser skin resurfacing

The IPL Photofacial

We are excited to offer great skin treatments like the IPL photofacial in our Fort Collins MedSpa!

About the IPL

An IPL photofacial is a great service that we offer with our Cutera laser system. It will improve skin texture, reduces wrinkles, scars, and can diminish pore sizes, leaving the skin looking revitalized and rejuvenated. It is the latest in modern dermatology, allowing your skin to transform red blotchy skin into a glowing complexion.

Cutera is far more effective than chemical peels—you’ll see results after just one in-office treatment, plus there is no downtime.

Why IPL?

Why IPL? Our laser provides the safest most versatile laser and light technologies available today in the incredibly growing Industry of non-invasive aesthetic procedures. Our machine is customizable, giving you options to target a wide range of skin concerns such as veins, pigment, wrinkles, and overall revitalizing. It is designed to restore and improve color consistency and texture all at once.

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Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

The Cutera is an individual tailored, high energy light, long-pulsed laser that ‘heat treats’ the appropriate dermis layer of skin, leaving the top layers cool and undamaged. It will also stimulate collagen production, which is the base of what makes the skin appear toned and youthful.

How long does it take?

Typically patients achieve desired results within 4-6 sessions that take roughly 20-30 minutes per session. It is a quick convenient non-invasive option with little risk.

Am I a good candidate for this?

If you have red blotchy skin, sun damaged, discoloration, large pores freckles or wrinkles can benefit from this process. Rosacea ( blotchy redness on the face) is also a beneficial candidate for an IPL. People with tanned or naturally dark skin sometimes experienced changes in skin pigmentation, so a physician consultation is necessary for any adverse side effects.

What does it feel like? 

Protective goggles are supplied and required at the time of each service.  You will feel a warm sensation caused by the handpiece; and some patients describe it as a light snap from a rubber band. The amount of pulses depends on size of treatment area. Icing the area post-treatment can be utilized to soothe any Discomfort, however, they should cause very little downtime or pain.