A Woman’s Healing Center Launches Team Weight Loss Program

Introducing Team Weight Loss

Dr. Skorberg, A Woman's Healing CenterAre you looking to lose weight this summer?  Join our Team Weight Loss program offered by Dr. Skorberg, an expert on women’s health, including weight loss.

Weight loss is an issue Dr. Skorberg herself dealt with some years ago.  She launched team weight loss to support both women and men and reducing their chances of contracting weight-associated disease, such as cancer, while enjoying a healthier, happier lifestyle. Team weight loss complements Dr. Skorberg’s aesthetics practice which helps women look and feel younger.

Trick your metabolism to speed up and teach your body to burn fat

The goals of Team Weight Loss is to improve your physical and emotional health by losing body fat.  Our program includes:

  • A weight loss program tailored Just For You by Christine Skorberg, MD.
  • A weekly personal consultation with Dr. Skorberg.
  • Prescription medicine as appropriate for appetite suppression.
  • Weekly telephone support from A Woman’s Healing Center nurse.
  • Regular evaluation of your health metrics through blood testing.
  • Monthly support group seminars (optional).

What health benefits does Team Weight Loss support?

In this video, Dr. Skorberg talks about the importance of having a normal BMI for good health – especially for cancer prevention.  Team Weight Loss can help you to achieve or maintain that healthy BMI.

Benefits of team weight loss

  • Cancer prevention: virtually every form of cancer
  • Disease control: bad pregnancies, coronary, stroke, diabetes, and osteoarthritis, to name a few
  • Longevity: reduction in age-related hormone levels
  • Gene health: repair damaged genes
  • Brain: combat Alzheimer’s, dementia, and memory loss
  • Mood: elevate mood and suppress anxiety
  • Insulin resistance: re-sensitize cells to insulin to burn fat

What is the team weight loss program like?

Dr. Skorberg has designed a program that “tricks” your metabolism into speeding up so that the food you eat isn’t completely stored as fat. Secondly, the program effectively trains your body to burn the fat you already carry. The result? You lose weight fast.

healthy diet

What’s more, Dr. Skorberg’s program won’t interrupt your life — it’s geared to avoid those daily feelings of deprivation and starvation that can plague busy people trying to lose weight. Not that it doesn’t require some changes, it does. But many patients report that what started out as a weight-loss program has blossomed into a rewarding, and certainly healthier, lifestyle over time.

Can I really do this?

Yes! You can do it!

  • Reducing your cancer risk is highly motivating.
  • You will lose fat from the start: losing fat motivates you to lose more fat.
  • Dr. Skorberg will prescribe appropriate drugs to help you get started.
  • Like any skill, limited calorie eating becomes easier over time.
  • Our methodology induces ketosis comma which can trigger natural euphoria.
  • Rewards R built-in: 5 days a week you can eat freely but sensibly.
  • You will look and feel better and people will notice the new you.

In the words of a patient…

Hear what Team Weight Loss is really like from A Woman’s Healing Center Patient, Gail:

Weight loss coaching from the doctor you trust

To learn more about Team Weight loss, schedule an appointment with Dr. Skorberg while you’re in the office or call 970-419-1111. The cost of team weight loss compares favorably with those of other clinics. Join the team where you win by losing.