Your Health Records Are Getting an Upgrade!

At A Woman’s Healing Center we’re always looking for ways to do more for our patients, both inside and outside of our practice. As part of our mission to offer the most comfortable and personalized experience possible, we’re excited to announce that we will be fully transitioning to electronic patient records in June of 2018.

Our doctors and front office team are looking forward to the transition and its potential to improve the overall experience for you, our patients. Curious? Here are some of the improvements you can expect with the transition:

Epic Electronic Health Records: The Benefits

Your Personal Health Information At Your Fingertips

We know better than anyone that the “old” way of pulling health records via phone and fax is not convenient for anyone. Under our new system, you will be able to access your health records, lab results and more via a mobile app. From the convenience of a smart phone or internet browser, you’ll be able to message your doctor, schedule appointments, complete questionnaires and be more involved in managing your own health than ever before!

But, don’t worry: If you’d rather just talk to us on the phone or in-person, we’re not going anywhere.

Easier-than-easy Appointment Scheduling

Already a patient? Interested in becoming a patient? Scheduling will be easier than ever before with the availability of online appointment scheduling tools for both existing and new patients! If you prefer to skip the phone calls, just submit your intake information (new patients only), choose a time that works for you, and we’ll send an appointment confirmation right away.

A Personal (and Digital!) Patient Experience, All Rolled Into One

Through Epic, access to new patient resources will help you stay in touch with your doctor, review your schedule, access personalized education materials/instructions and even request help. These are not a replacement for phone calls, in-office visits, or conversations with your doctor — those aren’t going anywhere. Instead, these additional digital resources are an enhancement that lets us collaborate with our patients in new and exciting ways!

The Security and Privacy of Your Records Will Not Change

As your healthcare provider, we place the absolute highest priority on the security and privacy of our patients’ records. The Epic system is widely regarded as one of the leading electronic health records systems worldwide and is used by other well-known providers in the Fort Collins area.

A Woman’s Healing Center Will Remain 100% Independent

As we transition to electronic records, we are firm in our commitment to remain a 100% independent practice. We believe that as a small, independent practice, we are able to offer a superior alternative care experience compared to larger providers in the area.

Electronic Medical Records - A Woman's Healing Center

Short-Term Impacts of the Upgrade

This is a major change and we’re excited to see how it may improve the overall patient experience. While our doctors and front office team work diligently to implement the new electronic records system, you may notice a slight difference in how we operate:

  • Non-urgent appointments may be scheduled further out than normal and may add between 15 and 45 minutes to your visit.
  • We will still schedule same-day appointments for urgent cases.
  • As our front office learns the new records system, check-in and check-out times may take longer.

We want every patient to have a positive experience at our practice during the transition. If you would like to provide us with feedback on your experience, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email.